Welcome to District 51, Division D, Area D1

Area D1 Governor, Tay Yiang Ping CL Hp: 9622 1803 yptay@starhub.net.sg


Lion City Toastmasters Club (English)

Contest Results - 25 Aug 03 / 23 Feb 04

Radin Mas Toastmasters Club (English)

Meeting Agenda - 28 June 2004

Singapore Airlines Toastmasters Club (English)

Contest Results - 10 Sep 03 / 18 Feb 04

Singapore Tamil Toastmasters Club (Tamil)  

Area D1 Toastmaster of the Year 2003-2004

SIA TMC Club President, CL Chan Sig Yam

SIA TMC - Presidents' Distinguished Club
Lion City TMC - Select Distinguished Club
Singapore Tamil - Presidents' Distinguished Club  
Radin Mas TMC - 
Distinguished Club

Area D1 is President's Distinguished Area !!!


DTM Soh Swee Kiat of Lion City TMC
Awarded the highest TI education DTM status

Toastmasters Awareness Month
Essay Writing Contest
2nd Prize Winner - ATMS,CL Ng Seng Chuan, Lion City

Consolation Prizes - DTM Soh Swee Kiat, Lion City and
CL Chan Sig Yam, SIA awarded

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SIA TMC, IPP, ATM-G, CL, Angela Lee
Our incoming Area D6 Governor 2004-2005

World Champion of Public Speaking
Darren LaCroix
10th July 2004
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District 51
International Speech and Table Topics Contests:
Champion: Stephen Fernando (Div W)
1st Runner-Up: David Ingram (Div C)
2nd Runner-Up: Jasmine Leong (Div K)
Champion: Ang Swee Thian (Div S)
1st Runner-Up: Stephen Fernando (Div W)
2nd Runner-Up: Teo Yin Xin (Div C)

27th - 30th May 2004

Pictures in Penang

Congratulations to Yeow Chern Chou of Lion City TMC !!
Champion in Division D Table Topics Contest on 10th April, 2004

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CL Choo Eng Liang, CTM Sarath, CTM Aparna & ATM-B Shridar - SIA; CTM Lee Kiat Bee, CTM Mark Chow , ATM-B, Yeow Chern Han, CL Ting Chee Keong & DTM Soh Swee Kiat - LionCity; CTM Jagadeesh, CTM Vijay, ATM-B Shrida, ATM-B CL S_Narayanaswamy - Singapore Tamil! And Cheers to SIA TMC for Smedley Award ! Keep it UP!
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1st Council Meeting 

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Let's Share....

 World Champion of Public Speaking  District Governor, DTM Ho Fong Meng Introduction To Toastmasters
    District LGET, DTM Dr. Arul 7dot3a.gif Div.S Governor ATM-G, Patricia Lum - Poetry Night at SIA TMC
  Past Events Archive Associate LGET, DTM Gea Ban Peng

7dot3a.gif IPP SIA TMC, ATM-G, Angela Lee - Opening Address

   District LGM, DTM Patrick Oei
(includes "How to Build a New Toastmasters Club")
7dot3a.gif VPE Ulu Pandan TMC, CL Terence Chiew - Book Sharing
   The VPE Theme Song
by Gae Ban Peng, DTM
7dot3a.gif Dr. Kent M. Keith - The Paradoxical Commandments
    7dot3a.gif Ant philosophy! (PPT 56KB)
    8 Factors Contributing to Entrepreneurship Success (PPT 324KB)
  The most recent editions of TIPS: http://www.toastmasters.org/pdfs/tips.pdf Life Lesson No.1 (A story about a tiny frog....)

AREA D1 International and Table Topic Speech Contests - 22nd Mar 2004(Click for MORE REPORTS)
AREA D1 Humorous and Evaluation Speech Contests - 11th Oct 2003 (Click for MORE REPORTS)