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Sometimes it only takes someone to open the door for us!

Dear friends,


Do you know that Club Executive Committee (exco) Installations are one of the best ways to promote your club and Toastmasters?


I joined a TM club after attending one about 8 years ago. In fact 2 years before that, I wanted to join one, but never get to join one.


You too, can help your friend know about TMs and encourage them to join your club installation whereby you recognise the outgoing exco and install the new exco.


If you've always wanted to know

  • a customer, a supplier, a friend or even a relative better

  • (cos they dared not go out to be entertained by you) but never have had the opportunity to know them better,

  • invite them, maybe even pay for the entrance fee and you have an informal setting to know them better ...and they get the chance to know you better too.


    Let us encourage our friends, our customers, our suppliers & our relatives to join Toastmasters by

  • inviting them to our club installations

  • inviting them to our chapter meetings

    You may just sponsor them to be a Toastmaster....and they get to share its benefits too


    because you "Dare to excel" and you are here to

    In Speaking,
    In Leading &
    In Serving"

    Sometimes it only takes someone to open the door. 
    Are you going to be the one to open the door?

    Just Do It!




    Patrick Oei
    65 - 9384 89 82 hp

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you as LGM 03~04

    For more info, see :

    To serve you better, I have upgraded my email facilities please update my new email address:

  • My Message after the Election

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you very much for your vote of confidence and your support and well wishes.

    I am very touched by the overwhelming support.

    Let us make the our last term as a unified district a memorable one and enjoyable one.

    Please give me your ideas & suggestions on how to serve your needs better and how to continue to build on the successes of the previous councils.

    In the meantime, let us continue to help D51 in its quests towards Educational Excellence.




    My Message after "Special Session" of "Speak-a-Ton"

    Last Sat & Sun, 17 & 18 May 03
    9 am to 12.30 pm
    2 pm to 5.30 pm
    @ Leng Kee CC

    Thank you thank you to all of you....Thank you thank you,

    I am so relieved that it is over too, and I may just organise
    another one soon on a Sat many of you requested for one more....but we will make it only an afternoon event : is Sat 21st June ok for you guys....?
    so that we give an last opportunity for the last lap.

    Hope you guys will be going to the convention in
    Kuching from 27th to 29th June...
    Emily can help you with the convention packs and travel package too.

    Thank you
    to all of you, to Susan (for the programming), to Yiang Ping for the cheap rental of the LCD Projector.

    To our TOP District Officers who came to support us with their motivating speeches..

    DG John Lau
    LGET Ho Fong Ming
    LGM  Gea Ban Peng
    DS Dr Arul
    DT Poh Kim Siong

    to our TMDs:

    To Clara, Rasif ( for the 1st time TMD feat), David Chee,

    Dr Khong for the Spice your Language presentation...

    To the
    Speakers,,.....all of you
    To the
    Evaluators,,,,,all of you too
    To our supporters who came to support us in one way or another

    To our Pan Sea Advanced Toastmasters Club
    (PE is their sponsoring club)  members DTM Irene Lau & Helen, who drove in just to listen to all our top DOs speak.

    To Emily who helped set up the place with me...esp on Sat am.....and boiled water for us in the mornings

    do you know the cleaners did not start work till after lunch.....and the cups and all.
    and Jacky too for the Sat setup. To all of you who helped clear up the place...yesterday...

    Can anyone guess how many speeches were made over the weekend?

    Congratulations to you our newly crowned

    • ATMB Jacky Cheng, and to

    • CTM Anula. ( I don't have her email address)

    • CTM Ragu San (who did his p9 at the last PE Meeting and p10 at ACCA on Sat pm)

    • CTM Hari

    • CTM Etzel Seah

    • CTM Lee Liang Hye

    • CTM Simon Chew

    I look forward to CTMs from (hopefully soon)

    • Luweendo

    • Joanne Koo

    • Raymond Ho

    • KS Teo ( who could not come cos of a family situation)

    • Wilson Liu

    • Mike Ng

    • Angel Chan

    • Sam Chee Ee

    • Talleah Teo

    and also to our soon to be :

    • ATMB Hari

    • ATMB Laurence

    • CL Violet Lim

    • ATMB Marshall Lee

    • ATMG Sugeng

    • ATMS Mary Soon

    • ATMS Honey Yee

    • ATMB Lee Liang Hye

    For those of you who are completing your CTMs and ATMs soon, let me know and I will arrange for the tie/scarf to be given to you
    and collect it from Kim Siong or Ban Peng.

    Thank you again..
    I was only a
    spark and all of you light it up and make it a glorious bush fire....
    (not butcher fire...our smiling DG John Lau...hear ye hear ye)

    It was glamourised by the presence of our top District Officers....Thank  you Thank you..

    I really had a good sleep last nite..and got up so late 7am...the latest I've gotten up for a long long time.

    To add to my closing yesterday...

    It only takes someone "small" to think of something "big"
    and even if someone "big" does something "small" to dampen it

    We need not be affected by it.
    We only need to focus our attention on it.

    And the fruits of the labour will be worth
    all the labour whose seeds come from the last fruit



    PS: I am already thinking of wild ideas..

    Anyone with ideas...please email me

    My Message 13 May 2003

    In Public Speaking,
    It is not just the rhetoric
    but the Substance
    that matters

    all the rhetoric
    while it attracts attention
    cannot replace the

    Know what the Message
    Concentrate on the Message
    Work on the Message
    & Carry the Message Through

     Patrick Oei

    My Message, 11 May 2003

    Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

    Greetings to you!

    Toastmasters have brought us together and have helped many to bring about a community of like minded people like you and I to want to excel and that is why
    I love Toastmasters!, and that is why we love Toastmasters!

    We Love Toastmasters
    by helping to build a new club
    by sponsoring a new club
    by mentoring a new club

    Because of you
    the world will be different
    the world will be a better place to live
    we will have more friends

    I am also happy to note that I have been blessed with the experience of chartering over 20 clubs ..... in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore and the beautiful thing is that I am still learning and this is the beauty of Toastmasters. And I am so excited and passionate to want to share with you all on the whats and hows so that we can extend the benefits of Toastmasters.

    "Give me a fish and I live for a day
    Teach me how to fish, and I'll live a lifetime"

    and Toastmasters have helped many of us how to fish;

    How to communicate
    How to listen better
    How to think better
    How to speak better

    Do you know that there is a FREE CLUB SCHEDULER that can assist the VPE/EVP to plan your meetings better & this can motivate some members to volunteer for that post too:

    For your NEW EXCO, they need the following documents:
    President (336K)
    Vice President Education (394K)
    Vice President Membership (348K)
    Vice President Public Relations (297K)
    Secretary (295K)
    Treasurer (269K)
    Sergeant at Arms

    Warm regards,

    Patrick Oei DTM
    your Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Marketing, LGM
    65-9384 8982

    Please visit my campaign websites
    {plus Mandarin Translations}

    My Message on 7th May 2003

    Dear Fellow Toastmasters,

    As we receive campaign materials for the elections for the new term, let us also focus on our higher purpose of enthusing our fellow members to do their best especially in such trying times of SARS & the after-effects of the Iraq War.

    Let us encourage each other to complete their CTMs & ATMs so that we can continue to actualise our dreams and let us continue to Develop People to bring out the best.

    This is the final lap for us as a unified district. Let us move on in unity.
    Let us create more speaking slots for our members.
    Let us continue to charter more clubs and extend the benefits of Toastmasters.

    Warm regards,

    Patrick Oei DTM
    Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Marketing, LGM

    Please visit my campaign websites {plus Mandarin Translations}
    (so fortunate to have many in my team who believed in me & who go out of the way to assist me)
    - thus I have 2 websites (updated eeveryday):






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    District 51



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