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 I have known Chuan Aik since he joined SIM I Toastmasters. He is a committed Toastmasters and spent a lot of time in promoting Toastmasters activities. I have confidence that he will be able to contribute a lot more to District 80 if he is given greater responsibilty.

DTM Dr. Foo Say Wei
Territorial Chairman, Pan-SEA Toastmasters District 1992-1993

As a Toastmaster, I have known Chuan Aik for 6 years.  He comes across as very humble, dedicated and committed in whatever he sets out to do. 


Ever willing to help any Toastmaster and any club whenever he is approached, he does it without seeking the limelight nor recognition, nor glory.


As a Toastmaster, Chuan Aik possesses the attributes and qualities of a strong leader who will take Division B to a greater level.  I am sure he will work tirelessly with his Area Governors towards bringing, not only the Toastmasters in Division B, but also all Toastmasters in Singapore to work harmoniously and cohesively.


Richard Sng, DTM

Past Division B Governor

District 51 2004 Outstanding District Toastmaster of the Year

I got to know Chuan Aik when I was serving as Division B Governor six years ago. He was then the Club President of SIM I TMC. I was very impressed by his dedication & commitment to his club & members. At club's chapter meetings, he was constantly motivating his members to greater achievements. He often invited me to his club to present awards to his club & members. That is another of his way to motivate his members.


He was the first Club President to lead his club to achieve the President's Distinguished Club award under the new Distinguished Club Program (DCP) then.


Chuan Aik came across to me as a friendly & humble person. When being approach for assistance to club, he is always willing to help out. And he make it a point to plan well so that he can carry it out well. Hence, the outcome is always successful.


He will certainly make a great leader of Division B.


All the best to you, Chuan Aik.


Clara Chang DTM

Division B Governor (1999-2000)

Division B Toastmaster of the Year 2003-2004

I have known Chuan Aik for 5 years through Toastmasters. I personally find him very dedicated, helpful and zealous person who constantly strive to upgrade and improve himself. He is always there when you need him for advise and assistance.

Rest assured that as Division B Governor, Chuan Aik will be able to put his mind and soul into his task and do the best of his ability.

Area B6 Governor, 2000 - 2001
President of Rivervale Toastmasters Club 

I am very happy to learn that Chuan Aik has stepped forward to offer his service at the Division Level.  We are indeed fortunate to have Chuan Aik in our District, our Division and our Area ....


Chuan Aik is one of the most self-motivated and committed toastmaster that I had came across.  I had witnessed all his contributions towards the growth of SIMI Toastmaster Club in all facets of activities.  6 years ago, he brought the club to the level of President Distinguish status, todate, we had maintained this status for the 6th consecutive years! ... this would not be possible without his unwavering support and guidance ... Chuan Aik has inspired me in many ways, my greatest impression of him was ..."Never say Die" ... that's right, Chuan Aik never give up, he is very humble in his learning, very generous in his giving and very committed in his doing.


I am sure many toastmasters would benefit from Chuan Aik if only they come to know him ... unlike many other leaders, Chuan Aik had walked his talk ......


Kim Toh

President of SIM I Toastmasters Club 2004 - 2005

I knew Division B Governor Elect ATM Ong Chuan Aik in 2004 in one of the Chapter Meetings of my club -  Geylang Serai Toastmasters Club. My impression of him was that he was an excellent communicator and was very passionate about the Toastmasters movement. He was the general evaluator for the meeting and he was able to convey his insightful ideas crisp and clear.


He has since joined the Geylang Serai Toastmasters Club and become a member of the Executive Committee. The expertise that he brought along from his 7 years in Toastmasters greatly benefited the club and helped the club to function with greater efficiency. 


He has also conducted a Speechcraft program for the club in Sep/Oct 2004 and was a mentor for the trainers of the next Speechcraft program in Feb/Mar 2005. Through these programs, Chuan Aik trained many novice speakers to become more effective public speakers and initiated them to the Toastmasters program. Based on his dedication and performance, the Nomination Committee of our club has identified Chuan Aik as the next President candidate for the term 2005/06.


I would like to recommend Chuan Aik as the Division B Governor Elect. I believe that with his leadership, he will be able to lead the division to the next pinnacle.


Dominique Chng

President of Geylang Serai Toastmasters Club 2004 - 2005


"Chuan Aik strikes me as a friendly, enthusiastic and people-oriented
toastmaster who never fails to carry a smile on his face, even in the
most trying of situations. I'm particularly impressed by his
willingness to extend help even to clubs in different divisions and
his ability to keep his
cool under intense pressure."

Melanie Teo
President of Leng Kee Toastmasters Club 2003 - 2004


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