Our Philosophy of Speech Training

Our specialty is in preparing students for speech examinations.  The rationale is that it is only when speech is studied seriously that effort is forthcoming and the results become quantifiable or measurable, i.e., in terms of the level passed or achieved.


All the major examining boards offer examinations in speech: usually from Grade One to Grade Eight, to be followed by three levels of diploma thereafter (Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship).  The four major boards offering qualifications in speech are:


The London College of Music & Media (otherwise known as LCM);


Trinity College, London (hence TCL);


The London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA); and,


The Guildhall School of Music & Drama (GSMD).

We offer coaching for all of the examining boards.  However, as a matter of strategy, our organized classes are designed to prepare students for diplomas issued by the London College of Music.  This is because we are familiar with their syllabi and can ensure a high success rate.  We will, at a later stage, also design courses to fit with the curricula of the other examination boards.  However, we do prepare individual students for speech examinations with any of the four examination boards they choose to apply to.


Many people are surprised that the speech examinations are offered by music examining boards.  But speech, like playing the piano or singing, is a performance art.  With disciplined practice and competent coaching, it is possible to attain a significant level of improvement and execution.


A commonly asked question is how to proceed.  At Rhetoric Speech Consultants, we generally recommend that you do one of our short-term courses first: either the Speak Better English or the Presentation Skills Course.  Once you are familiar with our teaching style, and know what we can offer, you may then proceed to any of our diploma classes.


For those without any background but earnest about a general speech education, we recommend the Diploma in Reading Recital. This is an intensive programme of training in phonetics and pronunciation that would put any communicator on a very strong foundation for understanding speech skills. 


Those who desire to work in speech delivery (i.e., giving speeches) may opt instead to do the Diploma in Pubic Speaking.  Those who wish to develop all round speech skills may opt for the Diploma in Speech & Drama.  Please note, however, that the Diploma in Speech & Drama (for adult training) is very much focussed on the literary genres of poetry, prose and drama.  In other words, it is very much literature-based; it is in fact iterature performed? instead of silently read.


Beyond that, the training moves into two or three tracks:


Those who have done the basic (or associate) diploma in public speaking may move on to a higher (licentiate) diploma in public speaking; and then towards a fellowship diploma for those with exceptional skills in public speaking.


Those who have done the basic/associate diploma in reading recital may move on to the licentiate in reading recital.  Beyond that, they may chose to do a fellowship in reading recital.  For those intent upon a career of teaching speech (whether to adults or children), we recommend the teacher diploma in Speech & Drama.


Those who have done the ALCM in Speech & Drama (performer) should move on to a teacher diploma in Speech & Drama (LLCM/TD).  At Rhetoric, the teacher diploma in Speech & Drama can only be done at licentiate level.  The associate diploma is always for performance.

Effective speech training, like acquiring music skills, cannot be hurried.  For adults, it can take anything from one to three years; and for children, from three to five years.

Value of Speech Qualifications

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