Nurture, Motivate, Articulate Right Thoughts and Follow Through


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District 80
Division D
Area D7
Club No. 9270

An Activity Group of CCMC

Toa Payoh South
Community Club
1999 Lor 8 Toa Payoh Singapore 319258

GOOD NEWS! We are Select Distinguished Club on 31 January 2007

See you at 10th Anniversary Celebration cum Exco Installation  on 25th July 2007, Wednesday

 Our Club Officers
For the period July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008

President Sam Chee Yee ATMB CL
Vice President Education I

Mark Chow ATMB CL

Vice President Education II Anthony Leong DTM
Vice President Membership I Lionel Foo
Vice President Membership II Tay Yiang Ping ACS AL
Vice President Public Relations I

Mark Leong 

Vice President Public Relations II

Mallika Allagappan CTM CL


Lee Chuan Peng , ACB, CL

Treasurer Chan Meng Chung , ATMB
Sergeant at Arms I Charanjit Singh, ACS, CL
Sergeant at Arms II Gerald Ong CTM
Immediate Past President

Theresa Sng ATMB CL

On 27th June 2007
CC Gerald

Gerald Ong completed his 10 Basic Projects in only 2 months!

20 June 2007 Kan Kin Fung DTM A Roadmap for Advanced Manuals
11 July 2007 Gea Ban Peng DTM Humorously Speaking
18 July 2007 Postponed to 12 September 2007
8 August 2007 Albert Lim DTM How You Convey Your Thoughts Beautifully, Effectively and Simply!
15 August 2007 William Lim DTM From Practitioner to Professional
12 September 2007 Anthony Leong DTM A Discussion Leader


At  our meeting on 23 May 2007
Lionel Foo, the Best Prepared Speech Speaker

A Special Bonus, a complete set of Advanced Manuals
from District Governor, Poh Kim Siong DTM awarded
to our Club President, Theresa Sng ATMB CL
NMA TMC has achieved 4 Advanced Communicators
before end of the term 2006-2007!


The First and Only Advanced Club in Division D


NMA Motto:  
Nurture, Motivate, Articulate Right Thoughts and Follow Through

NMA Club Mission: 
At New Millennium Advanced, we strive to provide: -

Ř A different level of evaluation
Ř The opportunity to listen to and gain support from other advanced speakers
Ř The opportunity to rehearse ‘real life’ speeches
Ř The opportunity for further development – life after CTM - the opportunity to take it to the next level


Want to be a better Presenter, Listener, and Leader? Want to have fun at the same time?

We recruit CTM / CC and above...
Come visit New Millennium Toastmasters Club In Action Every 4th Wednesday of the month.          
@ 7.30pm at Toa Payoh South Community Club Conference Room

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